Healthcare organizations are looking for cost-effective virtual healthcare assistants to increase patient engagement, reduce the cost of care, and improve outcomes. Developments in the sector include virtual assistants that simplify the signup and onboarding process for health providers and clients, bedside assistants who help communication between medical staff and identify and fast-track panic calls where appropriate. Other solutions bring long term care into the patient’s home through a secure connection to health providers for care in the community. From professional providers, assistants can plan, educate and track ongoing knowledge and training. And of course with COVID-19 at the front of most people’s minds, Voice Assistants can provide essential up-to-date information, access to screening provision and answers to questions about the disease.

At VOICEii, we continue to focus on developing our ‘Across Language Voice’ solutions. We welcome, enquiries for Healthcare providers who seek solutions for a mono-lingual or multi-lingual Voice Assistant. We believe clients need to have a solution that allows scalability and extensibility to cater to all languages.


“Our mission has always been to transform lives through the power of voice and conversational AI.

One beneficiary of the exploding demand for Hospitality services is Orbita, a US-based Healthcare Voice Assistant provider which just closed USD$9m in funding to roll out Voice Assistant services.

VOICEii Launches 'Across Language Voice' Initiative

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