Hotel Voice Assistant: Real-time AI customer service concierge with tracking and analytics

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Innovative multilingual hotel voice assistant saves cost and improve customer service. SmoothWeb’s all new voice platform – VOICEii – is built on multiple patent-pending technologies using AI, machine learning, Natural Language Processing for multiple languages. VOICEii provides real-time information, transaction and multi-turn dialogs for all sorts of customer interactions. Increase interest, commitment, and purchase intention among customers in physical spaces such as retail stores, showrooms, events, and public spaces.

VOICEii for hotels improves interaction between customers and hotel staff where foreign languages may be a barrier to communication. For hotels where staffing is not optimal, VOICEii becomes a digital concierge handling customer inquiries, managing in-room requests for lighting and entertainment devices, curtains, providing an automated room service and housekeeping butler concierge service in any language you need.

All data is logged on the system for time and place, inquiry, request, so you can analyze where service levels are needed and where pain points are in your property.


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