AI Solutions

Smoothweb provides voice and technology AI solutions that transform your enterprise with engagement, interaction and intelligence.
Customers are more engaged with your brand and service across multiple touchpoints
Reduce service costs, improve service, and motivation and open up new revenue opportunities with voice-based technologies.


We offer a full range of software and hardware AI solutions to power our products.

  • Voice – Smoothweb provides voice and chatbot solutions in multiple languages for enterprise and consumers

    A.I. – Smoothweb’s own patented process for managing the intelligent mirror system

  • Big Data – Data-driven insights for understanding your customers’ behavior

  • Scalable Platform – Easily extend and scale your solutions across multiple environments and markets

  • Execution Speed – Our platform is built in-house to speed development and deployment


Your business goals require the most innovative approach, whether you need a bespoke solution, or an off-the-shelf product already tested in the market. We collaborate with you to design, manufacture, install and maintain the hardware. We develop the software in-house, manage and deliver on our scalable platform.

  • Voice – Smoothweb’s voice solution service offers incredible value via a ‘patent applied for’ approach using elastic intent model to minimise development, testing time, and  multilingual deployment via a single language approach.

    Voice | Chatbots: – We provide across language voice solutions
    A.I. Mirrors –
     World’s most powerful AI Mirrors
    Mobile – Image Recognition on Mobile
    BLE – RFID & Bluetooth Beacon Technologies
    Touch Screens – Engagement through interactive touch screens
    Kiosks – Information & Way-finding Kiosks
    Digital Signage – Interior & Exterior Digital Signage
    LED Surfaces – LED Walls for Physical Spaces
    Marquee Innovations – Brand Experiences through innovative  technologies


Smoothweb is a full-service solutions provider. Our services include:

Assessment – Assessment and needs analysis

Project Management – Highly experienced PM staff
System Design – Concepts and design to ground your idea in reality
Construction – Full construction of appropriate hardware and systems design
Hardware – Manufacturing and QC
Software – Systems design
Support – Logistics, installation and maintenance


SmoothWeb has been selected as one of the ‘Red Herring Global Top 100’ most innovative new companies after successfully winning the regional award in Asia –  ‘Red Herring Asia Top 100’  by US-based Red Herring Awards, a recognised authority of the world’s most exciting and innovative technology startups and is a Retail technology award winner for its innovative AI mirror deployed in adidas retail stores.

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