Smoothweb builds and delivers innovative, engaging AI solutions for voice and object recognition to create brand experiences.

Create new revenue streams and markets, generate new content effortlessly, reduce customer service costs, offer greater value for customers, and take charge of your data.


Transform your business with real-time content generation using generative AI, voice and image recognition. 

Publish AI Content and CS with Smoothweb’s AI-enabled products and applications on our CMS, on the cloud or on premise.


Capture real-time data and customer intelligence on customizable dashboards. Offer personalized feedback and recommendations to customers. Communicate via Multilingual voice assistants and chat.

Understand customer and employee behavior. Create real-time content for targeted communications and sales uplift.



We work with some of the world’s most powerful and influential brands who are looking for innovative voice assistants, media solutions in physical locations to deliver brand engagement and brand experiences that result in sales uplift and customer satisfaction.




Multilingual Hotel Voice Assistant

Hotel Voice Assistant: Real-time AI customer service concierge with tracking and analyticsEdit | Quick Edit | Trash | Duplicate ThisInnovative multilingual hotel voice assistant saves cost and improve customer service. SmoothWeb's all new...


Live Streaming – Executive Fight Night

Event Live Streaming (Charity Fight Night)  Set up Live Streaming Capability A fixture on the Tokyo calendar each year is the EFN held at the Hyatt in Roppongi. With 200 guests from multiple business sectors and International Chambers, the fights raise money for...

Runlab | AI Retail Run Your City – adidas

AI Retail: Run Your CityBringing Running into the store with adidasadidas have developed an in-store marquee innovation zone product called Runlab as part of an aI retail initiative where customers who try on running shoes of their choice...

Intelligent AI Mirror – adidas

Intelligent Mirai Mirror Recognises Shoes Mirai Mirror – SmoothWeb’s patented intelligent mirror system with hyperfast, AI, deep learning recognition engineThe Mirai Mirror powered by Smoothweb is a work of genius using the latest A.I. recognition engine and deep...

POS AI Retail Tablets – Moet Hennessey Diageo

AI Retail: Live Campaign Messaging at POS for MHD Moet Hennessy Diageo (MHD) introduces innovative live campaign message shelf tablet devices on SmoothWeb platform in Tokyo upmarket supermarket chain In-store Tablets Displaying Updatable...

Innovation Award

SmoothWeb wins Retail Technology Innovation Award

SmoothWeb Mirai MirrorWinner 2018 Hong Kong Retail Innovation award (Media Choice) The Mirai Mirror - Ground-breaking AI-driven Reflective Surface SmoothWeb attended the annual dinner of the Hong Kong Retail Innovation Awards 2018 and picked...

Smart Shoebar – adidas

Intelligent Shoe Bar in adidas Asian Core StoresSmoothWeb supports adidas Shoe Bar in select stores in AsiaSmoothWeb manages and delivers on demand content to shoe bars placed in-store at point of sale for the adidas range of shoes. The...

Hotel Digital Concierge Tablets

In-room Digital Concierge: Local and Neighbourhood events and news updated live on dedicated tabletsOakwood Hotels introduces SmoothWeb in-room concierge tablets with live and on-demand directory of guest information and local and neighbourhood events[presto_player...

NRAD – Emergency Warning System

Smoothweb was tasked to work with NRAD to develop an ultra fast solution to relay news and content in the event of a national emergency in Japan. The successful pilot scheme demonstrated the capability to relay news feeds and video information to a relay of...